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“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

 What Does Susan Support?

Limit Executive Overreach
The Governor and Executive Branch should not be given prolonged use of Emergency Powers to remove power from the people they serve.

Defend Medical Freedom
No person should be forced to participate in any testing, medical treatment, or procedure.  Every person should be provided with full informed consent with any testing, medical treatment, or procedure they are considering.  If a person chooses not to participate they will not be subjected to penalty or restrictions.  Alternatively, a person should be able to choose to participate in testing, medical treatment, or procedures such as those outlined in FrontlineMdsMyFreeDoctor, BudesonideWorks, AmericasFrontlineDoctors, or the Right To Try Act without intolerance.

Protect Free Speech 
As many people are aware, depending on what side of the political aisle you are on, the ability to freely express ideas and thoughts has been heavily censored, especially on social media platforms.  Due to the enormous influence these platforms have on the public in today's society, dominant influential entities have a responsibility to extend freedom of speech to their users.  David L. Hudson, Jr. makes a wonderful argument to expand the sphere of the First Amendment in his article "In the Age of Social Media, Expand the Reach of the First Amendment" Human Rights Magazine.


Protect Election Integrity & Voter Access 

It is imperative that we identify needed electorial reforms and evaluate accessibilty needs for the public that does not weaken our election process through foreign intervention, cyber attacks, and voter fraud.

Protect Small Businesses
It is estimated that approximately one third of NJ small businesses have permanently shut down since the lockdown.  Allowing large corporations to stay open while forcing small businesses to close should not happen again.  The same safety measures could have been implemented for smaller business's that wanted to remain open.  

Promote School Choice & Educational Liberty
Parents can take their tax dollars and decide what school they want their children to attend based upon their child's individual needs.  Many schools that participate have a different curriculum focus such as the arts or technology.  It also encourages schools to provide their best services to everyone since people will have an option to go elsewhere or homeschool if they do not feel their child is getting the education they deserve in their current school district.

Protect our Environment
It is important to ensure we all have clean drinking water for healthy communities, as well as clean up the trash and waste that is accumulating in certain towns, roads, and highways.  It not only affects a person's physical health but emotional health as well.  In addition, the concept of living sustainably could be as easy as learning that planting trees is one of nature's built-in mechanisms to minimize the "carbon footprint" in addition to improving air and soil quality while preserving biodiversity.  I believe that we can find a way to safely use our natural resources while protecting the environment. 

Protect 2nd Amendment Rights
It is important to protect a persons right to keep and bear arms for self-defense.

Protect Religious Freedom & Parental Rights
The future of religious freedom will greatly depend on what our children are taught.  The right to worship freely and according to one's own conscience was something the Founding Fathers recognized as something vitally important to protect our core values relating to family, free will, reason, and the sanctity of life as gifts made in God's image.  

Cut Spending and Lower Our Taxes
As we all know, New Jersey is one of the highest taxed states in the country with the average family paying about $12,000 in combined state and local taxes per year.  New Jersey is also finding that many of its tax-paying residents are moving out and fleeing to states with lower taxes to enjoy a better quality of life.  The state lawmakers need to find ways to cut wasteful spending so taxpayers can keep more of the money they work for and spend it they way that they see fit.