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I am a concerned citizen who was born and raised in Mercer County New Jersey and recently elected Vice Chair of the West Windsor Republican Committee.  I come from a family of veterans and my father is a disabled veteran.  As a registered nurse for over 16 years, I am a problem solver and critical thinker who has been committed to patient advocacy while respecting diversity throughout my career.  I know that the ability to work with many personalities and disciplines would serve the citizens of Legislative District 15 as well.


I am not a career politician, but as I have been witnessing what has been going on in this state and country, I have made it a point to become actively involved to make a difference.  I am focused on servicing our communities' concerns and committed to protecting our liberty, freedom and safety. 


Candidate Susan Gaul for State Senator of Legislative District 15

After over 20 years of a Democrat-run State Senate and Assembly, it is clear that Democrat-controlled governance and lawmaking have taken a toll on our community.  Under Democrat leadership we have acquired some of the highest taxes in the country, trash covering our streets and highways, polluted drinking water, destruction of Mom-and-Pop small businesses through over-regulation while giving a green light to global corporations, as well as promoting infringements on our personal freedoms, just to name a few.

It is time to stop voting the same people in year after year who are making the laws in this state and expect anything to change.  You and I are "We the People" who are supposed to oversee and direct our government as "We the People" see fit.  Take a stand now before our rights to be included in our government are removed by our current lawmakers.


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